Cell Towers Are Cash Cows and Big Business!

Want to see a beautiful cell phone tower out your window? Union Site Management would love to accommodate you and purchase an easement from you at the same time by compensating you well. How does that sound? How much do you get you ask? If you are asking that question I feel for you. How much disease are you going to get is a more appropriate question. Cell towers put out many different frequencies that we have not yet begun to understand how they influence the human body at this time. One frequency is Time Division Multiple Access that is the same frequency as our alpha brain wave frequencies. When these frequencies interact with our bio-fields they can open up our blood brain barrier and allow toxins and proteins to enter our brain that normally would not be able to. A German scientist figured out that certain cell phone tower frequencies are able to put out damaging signals to trees so they are not able to uptake vital nutrients and will eventually die. What will that do for Global Warming! I ask you to stand up against companies like Unison Site Management! The shareholders of these companies are not interested in the health of our communities. They are interested in the almighty dollar. Read about what they plan for the future and do your best to put a stop to it. Communities are able to ban togethor and put a stop to easments that can be harmful to the health and well being in their communites.
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