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EMR has a public impact and an individual impact. it impacts a public area when it comes from antennae on cell phone towers, which are the principal source of EMR. Other sources of eMr, which have individual impact, are cell phones, wifi, Bluetooth, microwave ovens, air-conditioners, television sets, refrigerators and other home appliances. here, the risk is private because a person chooses to buy these products and this choice doesn’t affect anyone other than himself and his household..

In the case of eMr from cell towers, however, the risk to health is public. Therefore, TehelkA conducted the radiation survey in public places, with Cogent eMr Solutions limited, a Delhibased company that tracks the increase in eMr levels across india, and does radiation audits for telecom operators.
Cell radiation is slow poison. Effects begin with fatigue and could end in cancer. It is nearfatal for ones with pacemakers

The following are some of the findings of the survey. it is virtually a radiation map of Delhi.

Forty of the 100 spots have “extreme anomaly” in radiation levels. This means the levels are close to seven times the safe limit. These are high risk areas. The readings were so high at times that the device used to measure the radiation, a High Frequency Analyser, could not record the radiation anymore

Thirty-one spots have “unsafe” radiation levels. This means the levels are two to six times the safe limit

Nine spots are “borderline”, just over the safe limit

Only 20 of the 100 spots surveyed in Delhi have safe radiation levels

Connaught place and khan Market, two of Delhi’s top marketplaces, have extreme anomaly
Safdarjung hospital, Modern School in Vasant Vihar, the Delhi Police headquarters, and the ISKCON temple fall in areas with extreme anomaly

The prime Minister’s residence, 7 Race Course Road, is in the borderline zone

The All india Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), india’s premier healthcare institution, is in a borderline area

10 Janpath, where Congress president Sonia Gandhi lives, is safe

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit is safe at her official residence, 3 Motilal Nehru Place

The opening and closing ceremonies, and the athletics competition, of the Commonwealth Games will be held in unsafe areas

The Yamuna Sports Complex, where the Games table tennis and archery competitions will be held,

Hungary, Budapest
Belgium, Brussels
Guinea, Conakry
Ghana, Accra
Greece, Athens
Greece, Athens
Azerbaijan, Baku
Ireland, Dublin
Ukraine, Kiev
United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

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