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Dr James Rubin, of the Mobile Phone Research Unit, King’s College London, said the findings were in line with those from most other previous experiments. “This should be reassuring news for anyone who is concerned about the possible short-term health effects of masts,” he said. But Mast Sanity declared “history has shown that many now commonly accepted physical conditions were initially dismissed as psychological”. “Isn’t it time that the government woke up to the reality of electrosensitivity instead of attempting to persuade sufferers that it is all in their minds?” said spokeswoman Yasmin Skelt.

But another campaign group, Powerwatch, commended the research as “one of the best designed and executed studies to date” while stressing that the number of dropouts was unfortunate. “So whilst it cannot be entirely ruled out that a small minority are truly sensitive, the proportions of any truly sensitive people are likely to be far lower than the 3-35% that has been quoted.”


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