Cell tower health dangers


Cell Tower Dangers

Cell Tower Health Risks

Cellular phone industry spokespersons continue to assert that cell phone towers pose no health risk. Almost all scientists in this field would disagree, at the very least claiming that no such assurance can be given.

There is strong evidence that electromagnetic radiation from cell phone towers is damaging to human (and animal) health.

A study into the effects of a cell tower on a herd of dairy cattle was conducted by the Bavarian state government in Germany and published in 1998. The erection of the tower caused adverse health effects resulting in a measurable drop in milk yield. Relocating the cattle restored the milk yield. Moving them back to the original pasture recreated the problem.

A human study (Kempten West) in 2007 measured blood levels of seratonin and melatonin (important hormones involved in brain messaging, mood, sleep regulation and immune system function) both before, and five months after, the activation of a new cell site.

Twenty-five participants lived within 300 metres of the site. Substantial unfavourable changes occurred with respect to both hormones, in almost all participants.

Over 100 scientists and physicians at Boston and Harvard Universities Schools of Public Health have called cell phone towers a radiation hazard.

Rochester, New York
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