Cell Phones Will Be Our Health Tracer in the Future

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Besides communication, entertainment, and some office capability, what ElSE could cell phone do for us?

According to some online data, Scientists are intending to give current smart mobile phones a new serious, health identity, that is, a tracer. They are trying to install different software on the GPS, cameras or other parts of mobile phones to enable the phone to do different things. The enhanced cell phone would:
Warn us to be away from possible pollution sources. Future phone will be capable of analyzing traffic situation, weather condition, etc. They would inform us of being away from areas where air-borne pollutant might damage our health.

Remind us how our daily activities will influence the target environment. After the cell phone’s GPS collect the tracks of our daily life, relevant software will make a comprehensive analysis. Then our mobile phone would tell us what kind of our behaviors are good for environment and what are bad. Furthermore, they could give us some constructive suggestions on what our daily activities, for example, when is the best time to take a taxi and when is great for taking a bus.

Help check our exercises and health condition. The improved mobile phone is capable of reminding us of regularly taking medicines and consulting if there is any side effect happens simultaneously. When we reduce our exercises, they will tell us as well.

Collect scientific data. The future phone would be able to observe the intruded biological elements and send the picture to the relevant institutions, convenient for biologists to draw the intruded biological element maps and find the settlement to the problems.

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Barbados, Bridgetown

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