Cell Phones, WiFi and Health Effects Part 2

Cell Phones, WiFi


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EMF sensitivity advocates believe studies reveal that even these low-frequency, low-power fields can cause subtle damage to human tissue, citing evidence of cell death, faster-growing tumors and DNA damage.

What side are you? The one who ignores the ill effects? Or the one who already started getting those symptoms?

Whatever the case is, Prevention is much slicker than Cure. These technologies are sweet poisons we can’t live without.

Here are few things you can do to Avoid any possible harms of WiFi :

1. Keep WiFi AP (Access Point) away from the bedroom or the place where you sit frequently.
2. At all times, there should be a distance of 5 feet, at least.
3. Turn WiFi off when not in use.
4. Use Ethernet (wired) when possible.

Here are few tips for Cell Phones:

1. Use Handsfree kit or Bluetooth headset for making long calls. (BT headsets use much lower power than cell phone’s RF)
2. Locate the phone internal antenna, and hold the phone from a different location. (e.g. for iPhone 2g, the antenna lies in the bottom black section. Holding the phone from top will help as body will not absorb these RF waves while they try to reach the tower (BTS).)
3. Keep it away from head and chest, even when not in use.
4. Never keep it beside your pillow while sleeping.

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