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An Australian study found that mice exposed to pulsed digital mobile phone radiation over 18 months had twice the risk of developing cancers. An American study found that learning and short term memory were impaired after 45 minutes exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones in rats. And other studies of electromagnetic radiation on pregnant mice suggest that high exposure to mobile phones can affect intra-uterine development, confirmed recently in chicks (double birth defects, see below). The effects of mobile phone radiation in human embryo development are unknown.

Meanwhile, The European Union is drawing up guidelines for electromagnetic radiation exposure of all types.

Celphone.gif (12018 bytes)Mobile phones vary on radiation dosage: Following figures are for European mobile phones in SARS (watts of radiation from mobile phones per kg of brain), antenna extended / retracted. Safety is 10 watts/kg. Lowest radiation levels from phones with hidden antennae or ones extended away from head. Below that are SAR levels for US mobile phones. Note that there are different figures for SAR levels around for the same mobile phones, I suspect because some are official company data, and others independent lab measurements and that there may be other variables according to the exact conditions. For example the first table below shows big SAR phone radiation differences depending on the position of the aerial.

Montenegro, Podgorcia
Carrollton Texas USA
Antioch, California
Broken Hill, Australia
Solomon Islands, Honiara
Peoria, Arizona
Brownsville Texas USA
Cleveland, Ohio
Fort Worth, Texas
United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

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