Cell-Phones Emit Microwave Radiation. Is This Cause For Alarm? Part 2



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EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation describes the continually flowing electrons that form invisible fields of energy all around us. EMF radiation from power lines, appliances, radars, TVs, phones, computers, microwaves, etc. are already considered by many to be potentially hazardous to both mental and physical health. EMF impulses produce radiation powerful enough to agitate atoms. At high levels, this creates heat, cooking cells from the inside out ? the principle behind microwave ovens. Robert Becker, an orthopedic surgeon who has used radiation medically, believes that uncontrolled changes in levels of this radiation could lead to slow extinction of many life forms. It has already led to increasing rates of cancer, nervous disorders, stress, and birth defects. Radiation seems to target the immune system, nerves, brain, and glands. It also tends to disturb insulin production, thereby exacerbating blood sugar problems.

Anyone who lives or works within an electromagnetic field is at risk. CNN, 20/20, 60 Minutes and many others have questioned the Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA) about the results of phone testing. Autos, trucks, and planes are now also recognized as powerful generators and receivers of EMF radiation. Spark-plugs emit strong EMF pulses every time they fire, bombarding unsuspecting passengers. No wonder people feel exhausted after long trips.
Irreversibly dependent on electronics, it seems we are at the stage when we cannot abolish electromagnetic radiation. However, if we do not become aware of the dangers, we will not be able to protect ourselves.

RF (radio frequency) waves are part of the spectrum of EMF waves that travel at light speed and encompass everything from microwaves and cell-phones, up to gamma and X-rays. So what does RF do to your brain while you’re on the phone?
As mentioned, at high levels it can heat cells from the inside out, like a microwave oven ? hence alarms over cooking your brain! The available science in the U.S. does not allow us to conclude that the phones are absolutely safe, or absolutely unsafe. The U.S. government effectively permits the wireless industry to police itself.

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