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I don’t endure from radiation through using my individual computer generally because I possess a Dior-Mid best subsequent to my computer. The Dior-Mid could be the world’s most effective safety from electromagnetic fields. The Dior-Mid is identified getting a massive diode (and quite pricey financial-wise).

What is identified getting a diode? A diode is definitely an all-natural elemental bottom of 47 distinctive energy frequencies. It is molded into distinctive types and shapes getting employed for the whole body or positioned on products that emit electromagnetic radiation. The formula is named “diode” generally since the dictionary describes “diode” as: “a product getting a two-element electron tube or semiconductor through which a latest can pass in only one direction.” The organically produced elemental diode’s energy latest moves in one direction, which could be good and offers a good spin of energy. The elemental diode also functions getting a rectifier by keeping the body’s energies in good balance. It also corrects and filters the energies flowing to the individual whole body to deliver amplified harmony and equilibrium toward body’s electrical system.
So if I experienced a cellular phone, I’d attach only a tiny diode to it (on the back), generally because a diode converts radioactive (negative) energy into bionic (positive) energy.

Also, as I am into crystals and crystal treatment and technology, I area the crystal/element “corvette” subsequent to my computer. Corvette is identified getting a dark stone or crystal that neutralizes radiation. I also consume crystallized corvette consuming water which also safeguards my whole body from radiation in general.
And possibly most important, I consume seaweeds (in capsule form, sprinkled on my salad, etc.). Seaweed is exceptional stuff! Seaweeds that consist of Kelp, Dulles, Nora, Alafia, Irish Moss, Spiraling, Bladder wrack, Heike, Sakami, Iceland Moss, red-colored marine algae and blue-green algae reduce strontium 90 radiation by 90% Seaweeds also enhance oxygen flow toward brain, which cellular cell phone use deteriorates. Cellular mobile phones hold out a pivotal part within inundation of mind cancer scenarios in America today.
Plus, I consume a great offer of blueberries (mainly dried organically produced blueberries) and consume a great offer of blueberry juice. Blueberry is exceptional for that eye and common eyesight well being and significantly improves evening vision.

I also consume a great offer inside the herb “gout kola” in tea form. I combination it with numerous other herbal remedies which I phone call “Men-Tal-I-Tea.” Gout kola (followed by Gingko Balboa) could be the quite finest herb for that mind and mind problems. It significantly improves storage and cognitive functioning. I have exceptional storage recall generally because I don’t place unhealthy in my whole body that will destroy my brain. I have invariably been afraid to get rid of my mind, which could be why I certainly not drank booze or beer or smoked or took dope, and today, don’t consume any meat, dairy, refined grains, sugar, salt, and all inside the sleep that man-made crap for the market.

Gout Kola could be the favored foods of elephants within wild. That’s why you typically listen to people say “so and so carries a storage like an elephant.” Goat Kola enhances and improves memory. Now you understand precisely where that saying arrived from and why people say it.

So in closing, I’m not telling anybody to acquire rid of the cellular cell phone (because 99% of cellular cell phone proprietors and people wouldn’t do it anyway). I’m merely saying hold precautionary measures. That’s all!

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