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by rubyhawk | July 25, 2011

Using your cellphone is dangerous and increases your risk of brain cancer according to scientific studies. Your brain is right behind your ear and is absorbing radiation while your cellphone is against your ear. Scientific studies have been going on since the advent of cellphones but more and more evidence is accumulating to support the theory. There are some steps you can take to reduce the risk other than throwing your cellphone away, which would be the only way to avoid any risk of radiation caused cancer.

The risk of cancer from cell phone use has been going around and around for awhile now. Due to the latest study the risks are very credible and we should pay attention, especially those who are glued to their cell phone. There are some steps you can take to decrease your risks, other than throwing away your cellphone. We would be wise to protect our brains from radiation. The radiation from cell phones aren’t the same as the kind in a nuclear plant. Cell phones expose you to nonionizing radiation. It’s the same radiation produced by a microwave oven. It’s created by radio frequency that causes heating.

There is no doubt that when you hold your cell phone to your ear you are exposing your brain to radiation and cancer. There are some steps you can take to reduce the radiation. Number one, move your phone from ear to ear every few minutes to shorten the radiation in one area. Number two, shorten your conversations. If you need to talk long use your home phone, its safe. Just following these two steps will substantially shorten your exposure.

Your cellphone is a receiver and a transmitter packed in one small device. It links to a cell tower where your signal is amplified and sent to other towers. If you are far from a cell tower the phone boosts it’s own transmitting power. That means your cellphone is powering up and giving you a larger dose of radiation. So, avoid using your cellphone when you are in an area with a low signal. Wait until you are closer to towers.
Some phones require more transmitting power. Choose a cellphone that’s conservative. Look here for cellphones with power variations and shows how much each model uses. reviews.cnet.com/cell-phone-radiation-levels/

When you speak on a cellphone your ear is moving radiation to the most vulnerable part of your body, your brain. Use your speaker when you can to hold the cellphone away from your body. Even a few inches can lower the radiation.

Don’t consider clipping your cellphone to your belt. Your groin is another very vulnerable area. Also some scientists say that wired headsets serve as tiny antennas that direct signals straight to your head. But it might still be better than holding the phone against your ear. It’s risky either way.

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