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JANUARY 18, 2012 | By Lance Winslow

Many years ago, I had an idea for cell phone which would keep them away from the skull an inch or so more than one currently holds their handset. Why you ask? Simple, due to the microwave radiation they put out, and by my calculations that extra gap would be enough to protect the users brain from being slowly cooked. Ah, now you are warming up to my idea aren’t you? Anyway, I received word that this concept has now been invented. This means we can all feel better and in the future, not have to worry about inadvertently getting brain cancer.

Okay so, let’s talk. The reason I threw that concept out into the world was that after reading the challenges of brain tumors in a Swiss Study for 3 Watt and.8 watt cell phones and the microwave frequencies they produce, and after having felt a slight sensation in my own head many years back, as I used to use 1,000 per month, back when we had the 3 watt phones, had one of the first ones as a teen ager, it made me wonder if a solution wasn’t needed.

It turns out that some microwave frequency actually has a positive effect, of course too much is not so good. In fact, I think because at the time I was running 10-miles per day, I believe my brain moved to protect itself and insulate itself from any potential damage being done, and when you are working out that hard your body is working very hard to repair muscle damage, to build it up stronger.

Of course today I am 45 and I seem to be smarter than most, so I guess everything is fine, no problems, still, I am not so sure it is wise that we are experimenting on our whole society these days with frequency pollution and with kids and their perpetual online use – WiFi phones, 3-4G phones, and here cometh “video-talk” to be announced at the CES Show, well it’s a big deal, very important.

Yes, I am somewhat concerned with frequency pollution my fellow American and for human health in general. I doubt it’s very good for folks to wear their cell phones on their hips so close to their reproductive organs either, as those are quite sensitive, and it certainly isn’t wise for pregnant mothers to wear their cell phones on their hips with Blue Tooth ear pieces, as yes, they may be protecting their brains, but what about their unborn baby’s brain or development?

Indeed, I ask that you please think on all this and realize I am not against the mobile smart phone industry, I think it has really given more freedom to Americans, and it is overall a good thing, as long as we are smart about it.

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