Cell Phones Affect Male Fertility and How the Qlink Pendant Can Help



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A recent study released by the prestigious Cleveland Clinic showed a link between poor sperm production and the number of hours a day a man uses a cell phone. Men who use a cell phone more than four hours a day had significantly worse sperm counts and the quality of sperm was substantially diminished.(46) Doctors believe this damage may be caused by radiation emitted by cell phones. Men who used a cell phone more than four hours a day had sperm counts that were 25 percent lower than men who never used a cell phone. (47) Additionally, sperm quality was adversely affected.

The swimming ability of the sperm was reduced markedly. Furthermore, a 50 percent drop in the number of properly formed sperm was noted. (48) Sperm count, motility, viability and appearance all were significantly affected. It is advisable for men (and women) not to carry a cell phone on a belt clip or in a pocket close to the body. Neither should anyone work on a laptop computer while resting it on the lap.

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