Cell Phone Use Leads To Tumors, UW Researcher Finds Part 3

Cell Phone Leads Tumors, UW Researcher


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In the meantime, he faces fierce opposition from the cell phone industry for his research.

A number of attempts have been made to dissuade the efforts of Lai and Singh and to discredit their work. In fact, at one point, the director of a group created to manage $25 million in industry-donated research money tried to have then-UW President Richard McCormick fire them.

Lai asserts that most research on the potentially harmful effects of cell phones in the United States has ceased because of resistance from the cell phone industry. Since the federal government no longer funds such research, scientists are reliant on industry funding, which comes with restrictions that prevent them from asking the questions they seek to answer.

As for frequent users like Hong who are unwilling to part with their cell phones, Lai suggests the use of flip phones or headsets.

“The idea is to keep the source of radiation as far from your body as possible,” Lai advised. “Even one or two centimetres can make a significant difference in energy absorption.

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