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Today’s findings come on the heels of a study released last week by the Environmental Health Trust, which found that radiation from cell phone use can cause an alarming number of biological effects including impacting DNA in ovarian cells.
Indeed, this research group reported that signals emanating from cell phones had the ability to fragment DNA in ovarian cells, and that even brief exposure to mild electromagnetic fields during pregnancy was enough impact bone formation in fetuses.

Moreover this group of scientists also found that the more exposure to cell phone radiation that occurred, the greater the chance that the radiation would pass the important blood-brain barrier, thus supporting today’s finding that cell phone use can increase the risk of brain cancer. Today, some 5 billion people worldwide regularly use cell phones.

Although the study by the Environmental Health Trust was conducted on animals and not humans, in a statement released to the press the scientists stated that the rat brains used in the studies “ can be used to correspond to the brains of human teenagers”.

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