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The immunity mechanism is in charge of cleaning up mutant DNA. But can the immunity mechanism clean it out all of the defective DNA and dead cells, and do this indefinitely ? Modern medical science knows there are limits to what proportion of an attack on the body the immunity mechanism can deal with. WHY RF IS like RADIOACTIVITY For those acquainted with radiation exposure dangers, the striking parallels to radioactivity are plain here. RF Frequency is analogous to the radiation type, like Alpha, Beta or Gamma. In reality, each of these particles move as a frequency above that of ultraviolet light, and are really composed from high speed particles.

Each one of the particle types is affecting the human body and systems in alternative ways. RF power level is the same as the number of particles per second of a radioactive source. Both duration and distance also transliterate into the realm of radiation exposure. We think we know that certain radioactive particles from Alpha particle emitters cause the most damage to lung cells when breathed. Alpha particle ionizing radiation changes DNA in cells, and can create pre-cursor changes leading to cancer.

Tissues and structures in the body that appear on scans and x-rays are occasionally diagnosed as a “pre-cancerous condition” by doctors. Older camping mantle lanterns were extraordinarily radioactive, because they were made of the component thorium. ( the writer of this paper found such a radioactive mantle in an older propane lantern. It is thought that almost all of these are now off the market. ) the cause of talking about the above subject, is to show that anything which changes cellular DNA can be extremely unhealthy. And this is both nuclear radiation and RF. There are also chemical and effects from ultraviolet as well.


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