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For instance, the new riot control weapons the Pentagon have operates in the Super-High Frequency ( SHF ) area. This frequency is about fifteen times higher than a traditional microwave stove. Though SHF isn’t soaked up into the skin, it boils perspiration on the skin causing agony. 2. DURATION – How long you are exposed to the radiation, or how long the transmitter is “on.” three. DISTANCE – How close you are to the antenna. Energy levels decrease with the square of the distance. Four. POWER LEVEL – What the power of the signal is. This is measured in microwatts, milliwatts and watts. One microwatt is a millionth of a watt, One milliwatt is one-thousandth of a watt. For instance, one thousand milliwatts is one watt.

Cell telephone power levels are commonly in the hundred milliwatt to four watt class. During the past, older bag type cell telephones folks carried around, were up near four watts of power. Getting a powerful signal was no problem. Today’s pocket cell telephones are in the hundred milliwatt area. Reducing the power goes with size reduction and a smaller battery. This also decreases cell size, which essentially is advantageous as I can explain latter. Five.

SUSCEPTABILITY – Like tobacco smoke, you can’t tell if you may or will not become unwell from RF exposure. But RF heating of body tissues and probable DNA alteration ( mutation ) occurs to one hundred pc of the folk exposed to RF. The quantity of heating is decided by a mix of the 4 factors above.


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