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The general public are unware of the Radio Frequency radiation they are exposed to. Radiation is mostly related to radium, weapons, medical treatments, nuclear power plants and smoke detectors. Before we debate undercover cell towers and other many radiating antennas being installed with impunity, we should review the RF range.

This can be beneficial in knowing how the radio range has effects on us. We won’t debate HAARP, which is in itself a singular area of the radio range in the shortwave band. There are largely 2 kinds of damaging radiation ( excluding light like ultraviolet ) : A. State . CONTROLLED RADIOACTIVE SOURCES : Power plants, smoke detectors, hospital treatment sources, etc… B. Rash RF EXPOSURE : Radio Frequency devices of many types. The RD range is controlled by the FCC in America, and other similar regulatory agencies that exist in other states around the globe thru world radio agreements.

Yet a lot of them seem to be extremely disinterested about health effects. We may focus on the latter in this esay – Rash RF EXPOSURE. RF signals are with no doubt an invisible form of pollution. Most of the people see a smokestack smoking and scream “OH ! Look at that pollution !” But as we’ll see, this isn’t actually the most immediate, major health jeopardy. What is understood about RF, is that unhealthy effects from it are related to a nearly infinte mix of each one of the 5 following factors : one. FREQUENCY – Certain frequencies are soaked up in the body more than others.


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