Cell Phone Towers Health Effects Part 3

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The building biologist judged the only truly safe area in our home to be the basement.

Due to my previous chemical sensitivity and mercury poisoning, I decided I had to move out of that location as soon as possible. I searched for an area fairly near where I had lived which had few if any microwave transmission towers. I was able to find this in a single family home area, where the nearest towers were on very high buildings about a mile away.

After moving into my new place, I noticed immediately that I felt normal when I woke up. I didn’t have the feeling of fragility, weakness, or fatigue. On the other hand, I felt very angry that I had been forced to leave my home because of the reckless technology and greed of the cell phone industry.

Within three to five years there probably will be clusters of serous illnesses in many areas around these towers, especially ones which are low lying. Other symptoms which I located by looking on the Internet under cell phone towers were: brain fog, dizziness, excessive sense of smell, sinus headaches, and many others.

Other residents of the block had serious symptoms also. The block captain, living in a row house some 20 houses away from mine, experienced similar sick fatigue symptoms. My neighbor immediately to my right, a woman 38 years old, had a heart attack. As I said before, I developed arrhythmia which was diagnosed as an infection in the heart. Coincidences? I think not. I am concerned about the babies and children on the block. The EMR waves are particularly dangerous for both the very young and the old.

Lithuania, Villinus,
Port Pirie, South Australia
Greece, Athens,
Bosnia, Sarajevo,
Mauritania, Nouakchott,
Guatemala, Guatemala City,
Poland, Warsaw,
Chile, Santiago,
Malta, Valletta,
Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

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