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Available materials show that the radiation emitted from these towers could cause health hazards.

Points out Raman K R, a scientist who has done research on the subject, “There are two effects in such cases-thermal and non-thermal. A person will fall prey to a thermal effect due to radiation only if he is close to the tower.”

Being exposed to the thermal effect could cause fatigue, cataracts and reduced mental concentration. This largely occurs to the amount of heat that is generated due to radiation.

Then there is the non-thermal effect, which affects people who are at a distance from the tower. The ill-effects of a non-thermal effect are cell membrane permeability. This, according to experts, is also caused due to the heat generated through radiation.

Of late there is this talk about how, radiation through mobile towers are causing cancer. Although many maintain that such radiations could cause cancer, cell phone companies maintain that there is nothing conclusive on this subject.

A senior official in a telecommunication company who did not want to be named for this report said that there have been very few cases of people being affected with cancer due to radiation through mobile towers. Although many more towers have come up and the radiation increased two fold, there only been stray cases in which persons have been affected with cancer.

The official, however, added that in the coming years, they will put up towers where there would be very little radiation exposure.

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