Cell Phone Tower Radiation and Schools

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In a never ending quest to ‘improve coverage’, telecommunications companies like Sanswire Networks are proposing sending blimps containing cell phone antennas into the sky.

These cell phone antenna blimps would be sent 13 miles into the sky. The blimps would provide coverage to a large area and be controlled using remote-control.

Bob Jones, president of Sanswire Networks, said the blimps would replace “unsightly towers” and each blimp would stay in the sky for a year and a half, before being replaced.

Buyer beware.

The RF microwave radiation coming from the blimps would be more hazardous than the radiation from a cell phone tower due to the lack of any buffers that help shield the radiation such as trees.

So, in addition to the 1.9 million ‘unsightly’ cell phone towers on the ground in the US, just how many unsightly blimps in our skys can we look forward to?
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