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LLAHABAD: Even as hundreds of mobile phone towers have dotted the skyline of the city, these have become a cause of worry for the residents living nearby. In absence of laws for preventing the installation on rooftops, the authorities are no more than mute spectators.

A mobile tower installed on the roof of a nursing home in Kareli caught fire last Tuesday and the families living in its vicinity ran out of their homes in apprehension of it falling on them. Although, this may sound like a rare incident, but it has again opened the debate on the ill-effect of towers installed on rooftops.

Be it getting disturbed by the vibration of rooftop generators or the apprehension of getting affected by the radiation, these towers are becoming a threat for various reasons.

Throwing light on the hazard of these towers, JAAnsari a faculty member of JK Institute of Applied Physics and Technology, Allahabad University, said: “We know microwaves are used to cook food as it elevates temperature of anything exposed to them for a prolonged period. Now, cell towers are actually huge microwave antennas used to connect with mobile devices and they might not cause anything all of a sudden theoretically, but prolonged exposure to such high intensity microwaves can surely cause cancer or other diseases. Mobile phones also have small microwave antennas but their capacity is in milliwatts and still people do care a lot about placing them away from head or private parts. You can think what a group of Megawatt powered microwave antennas placed just above your head permanently can do to you, Ansari added.

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