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by Lloyd on August 30, 2011

Cell phones emit a form of radiation called radio frequency energy. FACT.
In the US the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has established maximum exposure limits to limit the health effects from this radiation. FACT.

These exposure limits require that the cell phone must be used with a minimum of 1.5 cm (0.16 in.) separation from the body. FACT.

Cell phone users who put their phones in their pockets or hold their cell phones directly against their bodies are very likely to exceed the established safe levels. FACT.
This fact, however, is typically buried deep in the cell phone’s user manual and sealed in the retail packaging.

Senate Bill 932 requires that the safety information currently included in cell phone user manuals be posted on point-of-purchase display materials and on the manufacturer’s website.
This Bill makes sooo much sense. Will it be passed?

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