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Building the body’s defenses through nutrition

An anti-oxidant, detoxifying low fat diet is important. High levels of saturated fats increase free radical activity and fried foods should be avoided. Include pectin (found in apples) and kelp, both of which help protect the body by binding with toxins. Eat plenty of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and watercress (preferably organic). Use oils such as sunflower, safflower, olive and canola. Use soured milk products such as yoghurt and buttermilk which contain lactobacillus and other bacteria which protect the gastrointestinal tract.

Extremely important: Supplement the diet with antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E, plus calcium and magnesium, the trace elements selenium, germanium and vanadium, and super antioxidant substances such as Maritime Prime Pycnogenol™. The first group inhibits free radical formation; the super-antioxidants also mop up their free electrons.

Improve the stability of cell walls with Omega-3 fatty acids, as in fish and linseed oils. You may need to care for your gut health and digestive ability with digestive enzymes and probiotics.
Stimulate the immune system, eg. with garlic, a powerful immunostimulant , as are many of the Chinese and Ayurvedic products now on the market (Ayurvedic is the ancient medicine of India).

(1) Scott, G., Free Radicals provide a mechanism for EMFs to promote cancer, in Electromagnetic News, Dec., 1992. It was then republished in Open Forum on Health (prev. Hauora), Spring 1993. Dr Scott is emeritus chemistry professor, Aston University, U.K.

(2) Packer, L, Traber, MG, Liburdy, R, et al. Electromagnetic field effects on free radicals in biological systems, March 1997. Packer Lab. Life Science Div., Lawrence, Berkeley Natl Lab.
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For further reading in NZine on related topics look at the articles on Electromagnetic Radiation based on an interview with Dr Neil Cherry.

For more information about Dr Neil Cherry and his work, please visit his website.
In addition, if you are looking for comprehensive technical research on the potential effects of radiofrequency and microwave radiation, then you may want to consider downloading Dr Neil Cherry’s Thesis.


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