Cell Phone Radiation ElectroMagnetic Radiation – The Damage And Reducing The Impact Part 3

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Specific ways to protect yourself from the force of EMR

• Sleep on the other side of the house from overhead wires, radio beams, etc.
• Do not have a TV or computer on the other side of a wall from your bed.
• Sit well back from the TV.
• Have an anti-radiation screen on your computer.
• Avoid equipment which relies on radio beams or emits radiation of any kind.

Janet Holm’s protection programme
Janet Holm, another Christchurch resident who has thoroughly researched this topic, says: “At home, I unplug all equipment when not in use, switch off the stove and oven at the wall, wear a wind-up watch, use a battery radio by the bed, have a hotty (not an electric blanket), and use copper coils, zeolite bags and semi-precious stones on top of my fax, computer, TV, video and microwave.

“A demand switch has now been installed in the house which cuts half our electricity at the switchboard, but comes on when an appliance is activated. You can get these from Gary Beck, Elec-Technique, 37 Roslyn Terrace, Devonport, Auckland 1309; ph/fax 09-445-9118. They aren’t cheap.”

Jan urges anyone who is concerned about EMR to refer to the specific sections of the Resource Management Act and to vote for local body representatives who are aware of the problem. “You can support the Environmental Protection for Children Trust; you can bother your local authorities, and write letters to the paper. We can talk about the problem; tell our neighbors. There are lots of things we can do. Good luck!”


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