Cell Phone Radiation ElectroMagnetic Radiation – The Damage And Reducing The Impact Part 1

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Creating free radicals:
The basic mechanism for damage involves FREE RADICALS (1,2). These damage proteins, cellular membranes, mutilate genes and DNA, reduce levels of antioxidant hormones, such as melatonin, affect enzymatic and biochemical processes essential to normal function, disrupt patterns of electromagnetic energy in muscles – and so on.

In addition to damaging genetic material, free radicals can destroy the protective lipids in the cell membrane and lead to retention of fluid in the cells. This all accelerates the aging process.

Promoting histamine release:
Mast cells (which secrete histamine and other substances) are destabilised by free radicals. When exposed to radiofrequency radiation, studies have shown a doubling of the histamine release.

Upsetting calcium levels:
Radio waves and their destructive agents, the free radicals, upset calcium levels in the body, especially in the central nervous system, the brain and the heart (3). It is thought that calcium (and possibly magnesium) levels diminish within the cells. This affects the growth, reproduction and division of cells and the communication of signals between the outside of the cell and the nucleus inside the cell.

Protecting yourself from EMF damage:
We need to remember that EMF exposure is cumulative. Our bodies may withstand a certain amount of radiation from wiring and electrical and electronic equipment in the home. An extra geopathic stress, such as from radio-frequencies or high tension power lines or underground running water may tip us over the edge. Indeed, we need to remember that any other toxic source will add to the burden and destabilise the body. Nothing can be separated out. So—we need to do all we can to reduce the overall burden, while improving the body’s vitality and its immune health.


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