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How You Can Protect YourselfThough no one agrees entirely, there have been some suggestions on how to protect yourself from cell phone radiation dangers. First, some people have suggested that wearing headsets will decrease your risk of exposure because the radiation diminishes over distance. This means that the farther away your body is from the phone, the less danger you are in. However, some people think that the headset actually increases the risk to you because it is still connecting you to the phone. Other suggestions include using ferrite beads to stop the radiation.

Some people also recommend that if the signal on your phone is low that you should not use it. If the signal is low the phone will emit more radiation to make the call. Everyone seems to agree that using your speakerphone is one of the best options when it comes to protecting yourself. Reducing the amount of time that you use your cell phone also helps decrease your risk of exposure. Texting is also considered better than making a phone call, though you should not attempt to text while driving. All phones emit this kind of radiation, including some of the most popular.

The iPhone is supposedly in the mid range, which means that it is not the worst or the best. The Nexus One has been measured as emitting more radiation than the iPhone. The Droid is one of the worst phones when it comes to radiation. However, the worst of all is the Blackberry Bold. Though the topic is a controversial one, it is still a good idea to have as much information as possible. Many people, including scientists, think this is a very real problem that causes serious health problems. However, cell phone radiation dangers have not be completely accepted by the scientific world as of yet.

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