Cell Phone Radiation Dangers: What You Need to Know Part 1



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Cell phone radiation dangers are largely ignored by most people because many of these people do not even know that these dangers exist. A number of objects that we use everyday create radiation, such as your dishwasher and microwave. We are only exposed to a small amount of radiation from these items because we do not spend much time very close to them, and that is the reason that these items do not present much of a danger to us.

However, our cell phones, which we often use for hours every day, can cause more problems. By pressing our phones against our heads for long periods of time, we can be exposing ourselves to harmful radiation. Our phones emit radio waves to send information to the tower and on to another phone. These radio waves have a varying frequency that falls within the category of microwave radiation. Some of this radiation enters your head when you make or receive a phone call. Some people claim that the cell phone radiation dangers can lead to brain tumors, headaches and other disorders. Some claim that this radiation can even cause damage to your DNA.

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