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The results obtained in connection with the application of the electric field are shown in table 7.1. In each experiment, RBC on “day 5” was significantly less than on “day 3,” regardless of whether the interval between “day 3” and “day 5” was an exposure period or a nonexposure period. A decline in Hct paralleled the RBC changes, but Hb showed no consistent changes. MCV showed a tendency to decrease, but the other computed indices both increased, since the cell loss overshadowed any decrease in hemoglobin concentration. The trends in the computed indices, and especially the changes in RBC and Hct, were opposite to those induced by our method of blood collection alone. It follows, therefore, that the applied electric field had a physiological impact. The unique feature of the observed responses is that, for each parameter, a change in the same direction occurred with both the F-ðnF and nF-ðF groups. An analysis of variance confirmed that in all four experiments there was an effect associated with time but not with the order of field application. This indicated that the animals responded to the change in their electrical environment, not to the electric field itself.


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