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Changes have been reported in the cellular composition of the blood of rats, mice, dogs, guinea pigs, and rabbits following exposure to both high and low frequency EMFs (7-15). Graves (7) exposed mice continuously to 25 and 50 kv/m for 6 weeks and found that the white blood cell count (WBC) was increased by 20% and 66% respectively. The red blood cell count (RBC) decreased by 6% and 12% at the respective fields, but these changes were not reported statistically significant.

Rats exposed intermittently (30 min/day) to 100 kv/m, 50° Hz, for 8 weeks, exhibited elevated neutrophil levels and depressed Iymphocyte levels (8). The same results were found following 2, 5, and 7 weeks’ exposure at 5 hours/day. In dogs, alteration of the blood profile was seen following exposure at 10-25 kv/m (8).


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