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In southern California, different species of “palm trees” mix in with their natural opposite numbers along the streets and boulevards. In the desert of Arizona, “cacti” are springing up in the most remote regions. While birds don’t nest in these “trees, other wildlife call these towers home , for example numerous bugs and insects who don’t appear to be ready to distinguish these “plants” from the natural ones. There are many benefits to these cell phone “trees” that natural trees don’t have. The cell telephone species don’t lose their leaves and maintain their color indefinitely.

Coral Springs, Florida
New Haven, Connecticut
Maldives, Male
Andorra, Andorra la Vella
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Georgia, Tbilisi
Mount Gambier, South Australia
Malta, Valetta
Corona, California
Al Hamraniyah, United Arab Emirates, Al Hamraniyah, UAE

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