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“Cell phones emit radio frequency radiation, and the evidence establishes to satisfaction that it puts you at risk of harm when you use the phone,” said Michael Allweiss, a New Orleans attorney, to Network World.

The number of health cases involving cell phones has increased. Chris Newman, a neurologist, blames his brain tumor on his usage of cell phones. Newman has filed a lawsuit against several industry giants, including Motorola and Cell One.

Cell phones studies have linked radio frequency radiation to DNA and chromosome damage that infringe the blood-brain barrier and increase tumor risks, memory loss, and learning difficulties. Some cancer studies have shown correlation that radiation is absorbed by the user’s head, sinking in about one to two inches within the skull, causing some heating of the brain tissue.

“My phone becomes hot on my face and makes my muscles tense up and the muscles start to squeeze on my skull which ends in a tension headache,” said Jeremiah Watson, the Student Body President at SLCC. Watson has been using cell phones for over eight years.

“There’s nothing in the science to suggest there are any adverse health effects with cell phones,” said Jo-Anne Basile, vice president for external and industry relations for the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunication & Internet), to Network World.

Basile said there’s no harm in using cell phones. But the neurologists and other studies that have found opposing evidence that cell phone frequency radiation causes biological effects.

There have been many health complaints on using cell phones, but no one has currently won a case involving cell phones causing brain tumors.

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