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Sept. 12-2011

People use mobile phones of all time. It is one of these modern devices that most people think she would be able to survive without. In fact, if you go and questions is to what one thing that they can leave without the House, which most would say that their mobile phones. This is likely because apart from people for which enable communication with other people, mobile phones offer also dozens of purposes of Internet applications to work-related features and much more.
Although cell phones many uses, that make people’s lives easier, it is also important to remember that there are also some risks and dangers that everyone should be careful. Here are some of the risks associated with mobile phone usage.

Brain cancer
Although there no statistical evidence yet, many studies link mobile phone use and brain tumors. Mobile phones emit radiofrequency energy or radio waves, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation. As some people know broadcast electromagnetic radiation such as that of the x-ray, can increase risk of cancer.

Many news talk report, how terrorists make to hide use of mobile phones and improvise explosive devices, which go by tech detectors, unrecognized as those found in airports.

Car accidents
Every year more than 50,000 people in the United States are injured after SMS while driving. For the same reason, about 6,000 people are killed. Using your phone while driving a major distraction is out as it gets your eyes from the road outside, off your hands steering wheel and your mind what is happening around you. The second you get distracted, are placing themselves at risk, which either could cause injury or death which.

The GPS tracking technology are now used by stalkers to the movement and the location of their objectives. It is very alarming news that 2010, the prices of the victims has increased in the year to 25,000 Americans, which are each year, according to the Ministry of Justice to the victims.
Visual impairment
Also a person of eye health can affect mobile phones. When users on the mobile phone screen tend to long rigid, to forget to blink what keep moist in the eyes is important. When this happens, dry eyes can cause eye strain or even visually impaired lead, if you left untreated or unchecked.

Health problems
Texter’s thumb, digital thumb and neck and arm nerve damage are just some of the physical health problems, who can suffer from mobile phone users.

Mobile phones are practical and useful devices, but they have some significant disadvantages mentioned above. These pieces of important information are not meant cause paranoia or frighten you, but you keep aware and informed about the dangers of the use of mobile phones. The good news is that you all smart so can avoid this with your phone. You should also include investments in mobile phone accessories that would allow hands-free, such as the headset with your phone. This cell phone accessories, along with other types as covers and cell phone leather cases, cell phone for a cheap price online are available.

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