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Cell towers and antennas are in your neighborhood. So here it is. Go to www.antennasearch.com and enter your street address in the box provided. Within just a few seconds, the returned results will show all the towers (existing and future) and antennas within 4 miles of your residence.

For those not familiar with the distinctions, towers are tall structures (typically over 200 ft) used for cellular, paging and other radios services, and can contain multiple antennas owned by various companies.

Antennas are the actual signal emitters for cellular, paging and other radio services, and are usually placed on towers or can be stand alone and placed on top of offices, condos, churches, light poles, signs, etc. Stand alone antennas are small and difficult to spot as they are easily hidden or camouflaged. That’s why this online resource is invaluable, as it tells you where exactly they are.

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