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Cell phones of today may be a health problem of tomorrow. Many leading medical experts and scientists claim. Yet around the world governing bodies have been cautious in their warnings and restrictions in relation to the use of mobile phones.

Are we caught in a tug-of-war between environmental alarmists on one side and susceptible officials on the other? Who should we believe if anyone at all? http://www.cellphoneradiationprotection.com/reports/cell-phone-and-brain-cancer-02.shtml

“Given the immense numbers of users of mobile phones, even small adverse effects on health could have major public health implications,” states an World Health Organization fact sheet.

Cell Phone Cancer?
According to WHO there are an estimated 1.6 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide today. In Trinidad and Tobago recent figures put mobile phone users at over 300,000.

A few of the adverse affects that scientist have identified in relation to cellphone use include a variety of cancers, brain tumors, diabetes and Alzheimer. More common, less mortal, health risks like headaches, fatigue, increased blood pressure and sleep deprivation have also been cited.

Yet as scientific evidence is brought forth to support such theories, evidence is also being brought forward to negate such conclusions. What both sides have agreed upon is that, “nobody knows with certainty what long term health consequences” can be caused by the use of cellular phones.

“It all depends on who you listen to, you will get an finding for or against,” said Eugene Young, managing director of Sales and Marketing Inc., Barbados.

“It is a very political thing,” stressed Young who happens to be in the business of “environmental protection solutions” which makes it rather easy to see what side of the fence he is standing on.

“Don’t count on the World Health Organization or a government holding to tell you that the use of the cellphone can cause problems,” stated Young who recently visited Trinidad as a guest of Victor Industries Limited.

WHO has yet to decree that mobile phones are harmful to your health. In fact WHO has stated that there are certain gaps in the various research conducted (this was in 2000) and that it would take another three to four years of required research to evaluate any findings.

Cell Phone and Brain Cancer
In answer to public concerns WHO coordinated a large study in over 10 countries by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (a specialized cancer research agency of WHO) to identify if there are links between use of mobile phones, cell phone and brain cancer and head and neck cancers.

The findings of that study have yet to be published. Yet, George Carlo a public health researcher who spearheaded a three-year, $27 million research program for the cellular telephone industry insists that the danger of cellphone use is very real. The cell phone industry has disavowed his findings. According to Carlo radiation from wireless phone antennae “appears to cause genetic damage in human blood,”.

Young along with his Trinidad counterpart Brian Richardson, are advocating that the individual must decide if a cellphone is harmful to his/her health.

“Who studies do you go by? That is what it all comes down to, the individual. Who do you believe? What is you body saying?” According to Young, “if you are getting headaches stop using your cellphone. If you have an hard time sleeping stop using your cellphone. If you are having memory loss stop using your cellphone….”. In other words if you are unhealthy and a doctor rules out all other possible reasons why, then take a good look at your cellphone.

The reason cell phones have become suspect is because of their ability to emit electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radio frequency radiation (RF), it is this health hazard that is believed to be a cause of cell phone and brain cancer.

Whenever electricity is conducted through transmission lines, distribution lines or is used in appliances both electric and magnetic fields exists close to the lines or appliances. Therefore electromagnetic fields are found wherever there is electricity and around any object that has an electrical charge, like a cellphone.

Everyone is exposed to a complex mix of EMFs. RF fields which are also given off by microwaves in higher frequencies than cell phones can penetrate tissue. The RF energy is absorbed into the body and produces heat. All established health effects of RF exposure are related to heating. In an effort to reduce the causes of cell phone and brain cancer, cell phone radiation shields are one device which can help to reduce the electromagnetic radiation emitted by you cell phone which will also effectively reduce heating.

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