Can Mobiles Really Damage your Health? Part 2

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Are You Willing to Take the Risk?

When a six-year Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) study commissioned by the government and the mobile phone industry – the largest such study in the UK – found mobiles to harmless, only admitting a ‘very faint hint’ of a link between long-term mobile use and brain tumours, it was criticised for failing to fully investigate those people who had used their phones for over a decade.

More recently, a group of scientists found there to be a much stronger link between mobile use and risk of brain tumour than the report suggested. After surveying the results of 11 different studies, the scientists concluded that those who have used their mobile for a decade are twice as likely to develop a tumour on a nerve linking the ear to the brain.
There may not yet be a definite answer to the question of mobile phone health risks, but with many experts nevertheless inclined to support the theory that there are long-term dangers, are you willing to take the chance they are wrong?

Risking the Health of Your Children

Perhaps an even more pertinent question is, are you willing to risk the health of your children by allowing them to use mobiles? This is an even more worrying concern because research has shown that, as children have thinner skulls and nervous systems that are still developing, they are three times as vulnerable to radiation as adults. A professor at Orbero University in Sweden, who conducted research into the subject, said that children should not be allowed to use mobiles.

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