Can Mobiles Really Damage your Health? Part 1

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Mobile phones and mobile phone masts are being blamed for all manner of serious health problems but is it just groundless scaremongering or can mobiles really damage your health?

The Damage to Your Health

By regularly speaking on your mobile phone you are putting yourself at risk of a brain tumour, leukaemia, as well as severe headaches, memory loss, extreme fatigue and a catalogue of other complaints. If you try to avoid it by opting for hands-free then mobile in your belt case will expose your liver and kidney areas to harmful radiation. At least this is if you believe the various studies that have been conducted over the last decade.

As people slowly wean themselves off last century’s major threat to the nation’s health, the cigarette, many believe millions of us are already dangerously addicted the 21st century equivalent – the mobile phone.

It is believed that low-level exposure to the radio frequency (RF) waves emitted by mobiles when holding the phone close to the head, or by local mobile phone masts, may cause biological problems and even seriously harm the brain. But if that’s the case, where are the health warnings, where is the massive health crisis, why are mobiles as possible as ever – isn’t anybody worried?

No Evidence for Health Risks

The truth of the matter is that despite the regular stream of news stories, there is yet to be concrete proof that mobiles are unsafe. Well known for their cynicism and suspicion of hype and scaremongering, Brits are waiting for some direct evidence before they are convinced.

The problem faced by scientists is that it is currently hard to research the danger of mobiles because as the technology is relatively new, the effects might have yet to surface. For instance it takes a minimum of 10 years for cancer to develop.

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