Can Laptops Using Wireless Routers Be Harmful?

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When used directly in your lap, laptops computers connected to the internet via wireless routers can be dangerous to your health. It’s recommended that you use a laptop shield for protection such as The DefenderPad.

Laptops and other electronic devices are manufactured to meet safety standards to keep electronic emissions low enough to insure the safety of the user. However, when these standards were developed, no one realized that there would be zero distance between the devices and the body.

When in our laps, these devices emit Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) that include lower frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and higher frequency, Radio Frequency (RF) radiation. In the past, Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) that may have been at a safe distance away, are now at a zero distance from our bodies with such devices as laptop computers, posing potential health dangers.

Laptops consume power in their drive memory, hard drives, computing processes and other computer functions, which in turn, produce a byproduct of radiating Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). The EMF coupled with laptops equipped with WiFi or wireless 3g or 4g carrier transmitters are RF signal radiations that put us at risk. Both these radiations emanating from the laptop travel into to the air and downward to the skin, muscle and genitalia. Some have called all these frequency radiations “electro-smog.”

In the past, there was minimal concern for lower frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) from computers, because our bodies were at a safe distance away. Computers sat on our desks, hardwired to local area networks (LANs). Now, we use laptops directly into our laps as they emit lower frequency, Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation. These radiations are strong, high intensity fields signals, much closer to our bodies than we have experienced in the past. Additionally, Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are constant-emitting sources. This means that when you use the device directly in your lap, it is a constant radiation source exposing you to EMR and RF for the entire time it is contact with your body.

Radio Frequency (RF) radiation can be considered thermal (heating) effecting emissions. Recent studies link exposure to health problems that include lowered sperm count, DNA breakage, memory loss, sleep disruption, decreased immune function, dizziness, headaches, higher blood pressure and reduced DNA repair capacity. There have been recent studies that claim that Radio Frequency (RF) radiation such as those emitted by WiFi can cause brain cell damage. The Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine also concludes Radio Frequency (RF) radiation increase the risk of autism.

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Laptop WiFi RF radiation and lower Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) are byproducts produced from computer operations that can be diverted, absorbed, and eliminated as a threat to your body. Using advanced, proven technologies, both EMFs and the RF radiations can be shielded from the body. The DefenderPad is a state-if-the-art shield that offers you the best protection. It’s considered the most complete body protection solution in the market. You and your family will be assured a safer environment when using laptops, iPads, or other electronic devices in the lap.

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