Buying a House with Low EMF Radiation Exposure Reduce Your EMF Sensitivity Part1 of 4


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B) Location: Topography
You should drive the few blocks around the house to understand the topography of the region.
The Topography of the region will dictate the strength of the signals that you will receive from surrounding towers. Some signals require Line of Sight in order to affect your area. So, if there is a large hill between you and a tower, there is a reasonable chance that the signal from the tower might not be able to reach you.
Houses are most protected at the bottom of a hill, where the house is situated as close as possible to a hill or mountain side.
You should also consider areas that are less urban, as there will naturally be fewer towers and less electricity in these areas. With the rise of WiMax, many urban centers have become very difficult for EMF sensitive individuals to support. You may find that you have to leave an entire valley, in order to escape a WiMax network.
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