Buying a House with Low EMF Radiation Exposure Reduce Your EMF Sensitivity Part 3 of 4
Before purchasing or renting a house to live in, look carefully at the Construction of the house and the materials with which the house has been built.
Both the Location and the Construction of a house will determine the EMF exposure of a house.
A) House Construction: Walls
The walls of your house are your primary protection from surrounding towers. Materials that provide shielding from EMFs include:
1.Stucco (covering chicken wire)
3.Cement block
Houses that are made of wood should be avoided.
B) House Construction: Insulation
Insulation can offer significant protection for an EMF sensitive individual. Select a foil covered insulation such as foil backed rigid insulation. This may be available in your local hardware store, or through companies that install insulation in houses in your area.
C) House Construction: Doors
Steel doors can help mitigate EMFs from room to room. They can be purchased inexpensively through Home Depot, for example, and can be customized to fit the size of your existing door frames.
D) House Construction: Solar Power
An ideal house for an individual with EMF Sensitivity is one that is solar powered. The power grid is considered to provide “dirty power,” that is, with frequencies above and beyond the 50-60 Hz that the electricity company is supposed to deliver to your house. To the extent that you use solar power, you will reduce any effect from dirty power.


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