Brain Tumor Risk Associated With Cell Phone Mobile Phone Use Part 2


Protection Against Cell Phone Radiation

Cell Phone Radiation Protection


Many young people use text messaging rather than holding the phone to their ear, but as this pattern of behaviour was not allowed for in the study, it seems that the risk may have been underestimated, as the number of hours they held the phone to their head was less than the hours used overall.

We feel it is important that people should use a wired phone whenever possible to reduce the risks they are exposing themselves to when they use a wireless phone (mobile or DECT).

Ten years may seem like forever to a young person, but it soon slips by. We will soon be experiencing a rise in brain tumour incidence, that could feel like an epidemic as we enter the time of 10 years after mobile phones became commonly used by adults and then children.

Be aware of your family’s mobile phone use. Listen to what the authorities in different countries say about reducing your exposure because of the health risks, outlined in the article library on the EMFields site on ‘Mobile Phones’ and ‘Children and Mobile Phones’. It is not worth just hoping that Hardell and many others are wrong. If necessary buy those you are concerned about a mobile phone screening cover to reduce the exposure to their brain.

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