Bluetooth: Cell Phone Radiation to Unleash Epidemic of Brain Tumors Part 2

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“There is a major and inflating body of proof for a link between mobile telephone use and certain brain tumors,” Khurana expounded, a link which will be “definitively proven” inside ten years. A Swedish study in 2006 concluded that folks who used mobile telephones for an hour or more every day had a 240 p.c higher brain cancer risk than non-users.

Tumors were noticeably much more likely to develop on the side of the head where the phone was most frequently used. Electrified in part by such studies, France has advised against mobile telephone use ( particularly in youngsters ), Germany urges folks to reduce their use of mobile handsets, and the ECU Environment Agency has requested minimizing exposure to cellular radiation. Electromagnetic radiation ( EMR ) is understood to immediately heat up the head and brain, and may also cause thermoelectric effects on cells and DNA.

According to Khurana, even bluetooth devices and unshielded headsets just turn the head into an antenna that bombards itself with radiation. “EMR rays typically cause irritation, concentration lapses and in several cases even expansion of cells which cause cancer,” declared Dr Rajeev Ranjan, a New Delhi neurologist. EMR also “affect[s] the DNA and cause[s] issues in cell recovery and cell growth,” announced New Delhi neurologist Anshu Rohatgi. “Malignant brain growth incidence and its associated mortality rate will be noted worldwide to rise inside a decade from now,” Khurana related, “by which time it could be far too late to meaningfully intervene.”.

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