Bluetooth: Cell Phone Radiation to Unleash Epidemic of Brain Tumors Part 1

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A new review of more than one hundred studies on the security of mobile telephones has concluded that cellular devices are stood to cause a pandemic of brain tumors which will kill more folk than smoking or asbestos. The review was conducted by doctor Vini Khurana, who has received more than fourteen awards during the past sixteen years, who made the front page worldwide with his cautions.

According to Khurana, research demonstrates that long term use of mobile handsets, more than ten years, can double the danger of contracting brain cancer. Whilst a number of studies have concluded that there’s no such risk, Khurana declared that almost all of those studies only inspected short-term use. But because a brain cancer can take 10 years to develop, studies without a long follow-up period are basically incomprehensible.

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