Blood In The Brain, Damage To Male Fertility, And Increased Cell Radiation Strength In Rural Areas

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The list of the group’s concerns are primarily focused on research the cellular manufacturers themselves came up with showing the risk of brain tumors. This research was apparently backed up by independent studies as well. Further information broke the results down to showing that use of cells for under ten years was less dangerous. Apparently for children, however, cell phones are particularly more insidious than for adults–and many kids today practically live on their beloved phones. Other concerns involved leaking of blood in the brain, damage to male fertility, and increased cell radiation strength in rural areas.

McAllen, Texas
Salt Lake City, Utah
Montenegro, Podgorcia
Charleston, South Carolina
Al Ghabam, United Arab Emirates, Al Ghabam, UAE
Congo, Brazzaville
Orange, California
Central African Republic, Bangui
Mackay, Queensland
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Kinshasa

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