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REPAIR the damage… Biopro Cell Chips Gia Wellness Cell Guard Damaging and accelerated aging effects from EMR can actually be reversed with Gia Wellnesss patented line of products. The super-hydrating effects of i-H2O floods our hydration deprived bodies with bio-available hydration allowing our cells to more efficiently absorb nutrients, release toxins and improve inter-cellular communication.

People using the i-H2O water restructuring system have experienced profound health benefits including weight loss, improvement in chronic skin conditions, and improvement in complexion and overall wellness, to name a few. GIA Wellnesss i-Thrive, i-Nourish, and Heart-Fit provide super nutrition and powerful anti-oxidant protection.

GIA Edge supports our bodies when we are experiencing emotional or physical stress. Each of these products are charges with the Energizing effects of GIAWellnesss patented GIAplex Technology…

Nepal, Kathmandu
Chad, N’Djamena
Morwell, Victoria
Salt Lake City, Utah
Scottsdale, Arizona
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Kalba, United Arab Emirates, Kalba, UAE
Serbia, Belgrade
Burundi, Bujumbura
Columbia, Missouri

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