Biological Effects Of Exposure To Cell Phone RF Radiation Now Beyond Doubt Part 3


Cordless Phones Health Risks

Blue Tube Headset

Cell Tower Radiation

Afsset recommends “choosing systems that minimise the power emitted by DECT cordless telephones;” (page 18 of the report, called OPINION on the bottom of the linked press release). This is exactly what the Orchid phone does.
* Clear labelling of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)

This would favour the least radiation-emitting mobile phones, (though this is only a part of the story, see the Powerwatch article on Mobile Phones).

Afsset also recommends researching some points on the ground where levels of radiofrequency waves are clearly higher than average. It recommends mapping them and suggesting a procedure to reduce the levels.

The expert appraisal carried out by Afsset is novel, not only by the complete nature of the publications analysed but also by the method and innovative approach developed in order to carry it out. The expert appraisal listed 3,500 references. The work compared diverse schools of scientific thought, from interested parties and whistle-blowers, through hearings in particular. The human sciences have been taken into account in the expert appraisal process. Finally, for the first time, an observer from the associative structures will have monitored all of the debates.

Greece, Athens
Wodonga, Victoria
Queanbeyan, Australia
United States, Washington, D.C.
Ipswich, Queensland
Algeria, Algiers
Belarus, Minsk
Latvia, Riga
Liechtenstein, Vaduz
Broken Hill, Australia

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