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Something this report highlights is that it is perfectly possible to show the biological effects of phones/masts without waiting the 15 years or so for epidemiological studies. It is just that the Government do not want to know the answer that quickly! We should be pushing for actual testing in the known “worst” spots.

The micro blood clots are due to the increase of thromboxane in blood, during exposure to cellphone radiation as reported by Omura et al (.1993).

This about red blood cells was reported as the “string of pearls effect” in a German study some time ago. This is where / how I came across it:

Much as the asbestos and tobacco industries have done, the telecommunications industry has suppressed damaging evidence about its technology since at least 1927, when colloid chemist Ernst Muth first discovered that red blood cells exposed to radio frequency waves (at levels far less powerful than permitted today by the FCC) are forced to line up in chains resembling strings of pearls.

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