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Early in 1976, Bryden gave up and ar¬ranged to have cable television installed in his home. Many of his neighbors had already done so. Apparently, neither he nor they were aware that, just as someone can distort the lines of a drawing by jiggling the elbow of the artist who is making it, strong magnetic fields given off by power lines can distort a television picture by interfering with the path of the electron beam that forms the picture on the screen. Nor were they aware that in 1973 the members of a seven-scientist committee convened by the United States Navy had found the results of several Navy-financed studies of the bi¬ological effects of extra-low-frequency electromagnetic fields in human beings and animals so disturbing that they had recommended unanimously that the Navy (which sup¬pressed their recommendation) warn a Presidential advi¬sory panel of possible danger “to the large population at risk in the United States who are exposed to 60 hz fields from power lines and other 60 hz sources.”

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