Austrian Research Shows DECT Cordless Phones Are The Most Dangerous


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In contrast to the Swiss study referred to in a previous news item, in a survey of bedrooms in Austria, the research team headed by Dr Johannes Tomitsch found that by far the highest source of RF exposure came from DECT phones.

Powerfrequency fields as well as radiofrequency fields were measured.
The findings

High electric fields were mainly from bedside lamps.

Magnetic fields over 0.1 microtesla were in 2.3% of homes; the fields from transformers inside the house, or powerlines outside.

Radiofrequency levels above 0.6 V/m were found in 7.1% of homes. 3.3 V/m came from DECT phones and 1.4% from mobile phone masts.
Precautionary advice

Make sure bedside lights are earthed. Use 3-core cable.

Magnetic fields of 0.1 microtesla are at our very precautionary level for bedrooms. There is nothing you can do about powerlines, but keeping transformers out of bedrooms will reduce this level further. Remember magnetic fields travel through walls, so be careful about the new place you move it to.

People have been found to be sensitive to radiofrequency EMFs of 0.5 V/m. Electrically sensitive people react at levels lower than this. 3.3 V/m and 1.4 V/m exceed levels at which people experience adverse health symptoms.

If you feel this situation applies to you, you could return to an ordinary landline telephone, or buy a low-emission cordless phone (such as the Orchid phone) if you feel a walk about phone is essential.

You might choose to screen your home against neighbours’ phones or outside masts.

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