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“ Aulterra, an Idaho company, is a pioneer in the research and development of products that protect consumers from the potentially negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, cordless phones, televisions, video games, and other electronic devices.

The Neutralizer™ , a small holographic disc, is Aulterra’s flagship product. It is the only product on the market today which has been scientifically proven to be significantly effective in reducing/neutralizing the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves.

Roseville, California
Latvia, Riga
Stamford, Connecticut
New Orleans, Louisiana
Concord, California
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Shepparton, Victoria
Fullerton, California
Zambia, Lusaka
Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby

Bluetube Headset

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Aulterra Cell Phone Chip

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Anti-Radiation Air-tube Headset

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