Are People Dangerously Ignorant Of Wireless Electronic Radiation Part 3

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Risk factors for cancer and tumors caused by radiation sources are directly proportional to exposure levels and accumulated dosage, or time. Localized HEATING of brain tissue near cell and cordless phone antennas is a well documented fact. If you have used any form of wireless telephone for any length of time and felt warmth or a throbbing in the side of your head, that can be the cause of it. And if cancer runs in your family? Look out!

If you are cooking meat, what difference does it make if you cook something on medium heat for fifteen minutes, or cook it all day on low heat in a crock pot? It’s still cooked. Your internal tissues, brain and organs are no different.

RF damage doesn’t begin and end with telephones. Biological damage and sleep problems by Wi-fi network antennas are only now becoming widely known. Some areas inEurope have already banned these networks after numerous research studies have established real risks.

Now we have Bluetooth everywhere. Here’s a recent example from CNN of the tremendous ignorance people have about RF radiation and how they ignorantly welcome it into their lives, putting their full faith and trust in Uncle:

” Murphy said he plans on spending more this year, about $3,000 to $4,000 total on stuff such as video games and “anything with Bluetooth.”[1]

There is a perfect combination of madness and ignorance. How many millions of people around the world are thinking just like him? Would anyone spend any money on a product, knowing they will make themselves seriously SICK? Probably not.

Perhaps RF electronic toys are the new addiction and have replaced cigarettes.

What good will it do anyone to work their entire life and see retirement coming – only to learn from their doctor they have a massive inoperable brain tumor, lymphoma, organ damage or other cancer as a result of cell phones or other toys?

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